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Cracks in Reinforced Concrete Beams: Causes and Solutions
Concrete beams are the most important structural element on a concrete frame building after its columns. Beams support the weight of the concrete slabs,...
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Cracks in Parking Buildings Structures
Do you have cracks in the structure of your parking buildings? Cracks, even small ones, can be indicative of larger problems and if left untreated can...
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Helical Piles or Screw Piles in Puerto Rico: The Solution for Building in Soils with Geotechnical Issues
Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful landscapes and stunning architecture. However, it is also known for its multiple geological formations and many...
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Featured images- Solar Field in construction
Ground Mounted Solar Fields - Optimizing Foundation Costs
Optimizing Quality, Code Compliance and Cost effectiveness present considerable challenges to Solar Field Developers, Owners and Engineers.
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Applicable Building Codes in Puerto Rico
This post aims to shed light on the governing laws, legislation, and applicable building codes that ensure the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of...
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Safety factors in roof systems resistant to wind loads
Engineering design is an intricate process that involves the application of scientific principles to create solutions that fulfill specific requirements....
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Seismic Drains
Puerto Rico is an area prone to earthquakes due to its location in the Caribbean region, specifically near the interaction zone of the Caribbean and North...
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Corrosion in Concrete: A Common Issue in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
Reinforcing Steel and Concrete are a match made in heaven. The chemical and structural properties of concrete and reinforcing steel are like a symbiotic...
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