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Structures For Solar Energy

Foundation and Structural Specialists. Certified Installations.

We are Specialized in Structures and Foundations serving Contractors, Owners and Developers.

We are NOT Electrical Engineers or Contractors.

Solar and Renewable Energy Consulting and Installation Services:

Structural and Foundations Consulting

Hurricane Zone Conscious Designs

Roof Assembly and Structural Assessments

Certified Installations

Post Driving Tests of Lands

Post Driving Services

Post / Pile Testing

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Wind Turbines Foundations

Utility Scale Solar Fields

Ground Mounted Solar Fields

Augered Cast In Place Foundations

Ballasted Ground Mounted or Roof Mounted

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Why a Structural and Foundation Specialist for your Renewable Energy Project?

Safety: A structural engineer ensures that the structure can support the weight and mechanical forces exerted by the renewable energy system.

Longevity: The investment in a renewable energy system is significant. Ensuring that the system will last for its intended lifespan without damaging the structure it's attached to is vital.

Cost Savings: Structural and foundation issues are expensive to fix if discovered after installation. A specialist can identify potential problems early in the process, saving time, money, and potential project delays.

Specialized Knowledge: Renewable energy projects often have unique structural and foundational requirements. For example, solar panels on roofs may affect drainage, and ground-mounted solar fields require a solid and cost effective foundation. Specialists have the necessary knowledge to handle these unique challenges.

Environmental Impact: A specialist can help mitigate the environmental impact of construction and operation. This is particularly important for renewable energy projects, which are often undertaken with environmental sustainability in mind.

Considerations for a Certified Roof Mounted or Ground Mounted Renewable Energy System

For Roof Mounted Systems:

Roofing System Penetrations Issues

Roofing System Integrity and Warranties

Roofing System Maintenance and Repairs

Impacts and Complications due to Insulation

Structural Capacity of the Roof

Existing Utilities on the Roof

Substrate or Concrete Condition

Anchor Testing

Anchor and Connectors Installation Quality Control

For Ground Mounted Systems

Cost of the Structural System per Power Output

Geological and Topographical Issues

Structural Efficiency of the Structural System

Steel Beams versus Light Gauge Steel

Ease and Speed of Installation (Cost)

Installation Flexibility and Tolerances

Post Testing

Steel Corrosion Issues

The Specialists Difference

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  • Thousands of piles structures and panels installed


  • Doing the right thing. Not cutting corners
  • Reputation that precedes us

Safety and Quality

  • Know and Implement Safety and Quality

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