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Ram Jack Foundation Systems

Helical Piles, Underpinning & Tie-Backs

Ram Jack Foundation Systems

Helical Piles for Structure Foundations

Structural Underpinning

Foundation Repairs

Retaining Wall Repair

Floor Slab Strengthening or Repairs

House Lifting and Raising

Slope Stabilization

Structure Settlement Stabilization

Bridge Foundations

Storage Tank Foundations

Solar Farms / Ground Mounted Foundations

Communication Towers Foundations

Terraces and Boardwalks

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Why Ram Jack Foundations?

Experience: Ram Jack has been in the foundation repair industry for decades. Our expertise focus in providing reliable foundation solutions.

Quality Materials: Ram Jack utilizes American-made steel, providing a high standard of quality and durability. Our piles are coated with a polyethylene copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating, which helps protect against corrosion and ensures longevity.

Innovation: Ram Jack is known for our commitment to research and development. We have patented several of our designs and are always working on developing new and improved foundation solutions.

Professional Installation: Our teams are highly trained and certified. We follow rigorous standards to ensure the correct installation of helical piles and underpinning systems.

Custom Solutions: Understanding that each project has its unique challenges, we offer custom engineered solutions to meet specific requirements of the soil conditions and structural loads.

Customer Service: Ram Jack is known for their commitment to customer satisfaction, providing detailed assessments, clear explanations, and professional service.

Warranty: We offer warranty on our products and services, providing peace of mind to our customers that our foundation solutions will stand the test of time.

Steps for a Helical Pile, Tie Back, Underpinning or Anchor Job:

1 - Need Identification

2 - Geotechnical Evaluation, Study and Report

3 - Pile and Capacity Compatibility Evaluation

4 - Proposal

5 - Mobilization

6 - Installation

7 - Finishes

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Request Complimentary Preliminary Evaluation

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