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Structural Specialists

Repair, Restoration and Maintenance

Structural Repairs, Reinforcement, Retrofit and Maintenance Services

Structural Distress Consultants

Concrete Repairs

Structural Strengthening

Seismic Retrofit

Post Tension Cable Repairs

Warehouse Floor Crack and Joints Repairs

Restoration and Masonry Repair Services

Facades Restoration

Building Envelope Repairs

Masonry Repairs

Fire Damage Repairs & Disaster Recovery

Crack and Expansion Joint Repair Services

Crack Repairs

• Crack Injection
• Epoxy Injections
• Crack Stitching

Expansion Joints Repairs

Material Protection and Strengthening Services

Corrosion Protection

Structures Waterproofing

FRP Fiber Reinforced Polymers

• Carbon Fiber, Glass Fibers, and Aramid Fibers

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Why Repair?

Safety Risks are the primary concern of most owners and facilities managers. Not only a structural failure is a concern, there are regulatory compliance issues when structures are neglected, in bad shape, overloaded or affected by an earthquake or hurricane.

Unaddressed structural issues will only get worse and more expensive to repair. In severe cases a facility may need to be demolished or rebuilt.

Maintain and improve your property value. 

We offer guaranteed, professional repairs performed by structural specialists.

Markets Where We Perform Structural Repairs


Parking Structures

Commercial Buildings

Industrial and Pharmaceutical Facilities

Marinas, Bridges and Infrastructure

Municipal Facilities and Government Buildings

Private and Public Schools


Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Retail and Restaurant Buildings

Universities and Higher Education



Sports and Entertainment Venues

Transportation Hubs, Airports, Trains & Bridges

Military and Federal Facilities

4 Steps to a Professional Structural Repair

1. Preliminary Assessment

  • Evaluate the situations and possible causes.
  • Determine if advanced studies are required.

2. Conceptual Solution and Economic Proposal

  • Our engineer will develop the solution. 
  • Our team will provide a cost estimate and options.

3. Service

  • A clear, easy to understand contract stating the job.
  • Details of what is included and what is not included.

4. Engineering Design and Construction

  • As per project requirements. Studies, Design, Permits.
  • Solution Implementation.

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Request Complimentary Preliminary Evaluation

We are pleased to offer complimentary consultations through email, phone, or WhatsApp. To avail of this service, simply provide us with a detailed explanation of your situation. Our seasoned professionals will invest their best efforts to give you pertinent advice regarding your circumstances and propose next steps.

However, please be aware that certain situations may require a more in-depth understanding that can only be obtained through an on-site visit. In these instances, a consultancy and travel fee will be applicable. We will always ensure transparency and discuss any potential fees with you prior to arranging a site visit.

We value your trust and look forward to assisting you.