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Securing Critical Assets: Petrochemical Facility Foundation Stabilization Post-Earthquake

Seismic-Resilient Structural Repair and Reinforcement in Southern Puerto Rico

Project Summary

Technical Considerations:

Undertook foundation stabilization of a petrochemical facility in the aftermath of a significant earthquake.

Deployed Ram Jack helical piles to reinforce critical assets, verifying capability and safety factor for each installation location.

Administrative Considerations:

Navigated stringent security requirements set by the U.S. Coast Guard and TWIC, ensuring full compliance.

Worked under the supervision of the renowned Geotechnical Firm VE Rivera y Asociados.

Value Provided:

Ensured long-term stability of critical assets, contributing to the safety and operational continuity of the petrochemical facility.

Demonstrated our ability to perform high-stakes work in demanding environments, reinforcing our unique position in the market.

Underlined our dedication to technical excellence and safety, leading to increased trust and satisfaction from our clients.

In the wake of the 2020 earthquake in southern Puerto Rico, a petrochemical company with a fuel transshipment facility near the epicenter was determined to bolster the stability of its critical assets. These included generator rooms, diesel and electrically powered fire pump stations, and other essential utility services. The task was complex, not just due to the nature of the work, but also because the facility operated under the stringent security requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard and required TWIC clearance.

Nexo Técnico was honored to take on the challenge. Our personnel navigated tight spaces and adhered to rigorous safety protocols, including those concerning fuel fumes. The project was performed under the supervision of the renowned Geotechnical Firm VE Rivera y Asociados, further adding to the project’s rigor.

The core of our work involved foundation stabilization using Ram Jack helical piles. These piles offer superb stability for facilities like this. The installation process allows for torque correlation, enabling us to verify the capability of each location and ensure an adequate safety factor. This methodology provides both immediate and long-term peace of mind for our clients.

This project represents a crucial milestone in our portfolio. The trust placed in us to execute this work safely and effectively under demanding conditions fills us with pride. The accompanying photos showcase the technical prowess required to complete the task and the unflagging commitment of our team to achieving excellence in all circumstances.

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