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Rescuing a Pump Station: A Feat of Foundation Restoration for a Military Facility

Seismic-Resilient Structural Repair and Reinforcement in Southern Puerto Rico

Project Summary

Technical Considerations:

Implemented the installation of underpinning piles to stabilize, lift, and level the pump station structure affected by soil saturation.

Utilized specialty technology and systems not commonly known by many contractors and engineers.

Administrative Considerations:

Collaborated closely with the general contractor and provided a unique, cost-effective solution to avoid the demolition and reconstruction of the pump station.

Managed and executed the project amidst complex circumstances due to unexpected flooding.

Value Provided:

Saved the pump station from demolition, saving the client time and money.

Upheld architectural aesthetics, preserving the exposed concrete structure.

Demonstrated our specialty in stabilization and lifting work, reinforcing our unique position in the market.

In construction, unforeseen circumstances can often derail even the most meticulous plans. One such challenge unfolded when a newly built pump station for a military facility faced substantial foundation problems due to unexpected flooding. The saturated soil led to considerable tilting of the structure, prompting the general contractor to consider demolishing and rebuilding the station – a costly and time-consuming process.

This was when Nexo Técnico was called upon to bring our unique expertise to the fore. Using innovative technology and specialized techniques, we proposed a different route: the installation of underpinning piles. These piles would not only stabilize the structure but also lift and level the pump station, providing a permanent foundation improvement.

Undertaking a project that many deemed impossible, we demonstrated our capability to solve complex challenges using unconventional solutions. This project perfectly exemplifies our specialization in stabilization and lifting work, an area in which we take immense pride. Our unique approach sets us apart from many contractors and engineers on the island of Puerto Rico.

The successful execution of this project saved the architecturally beautiful pump station from demolition. The exposed concrete structure was preserved in its entirety, to the relief and satisfaction of the general contractor and the military facility. The accompanying photos showcase the intricacies of our work and the dramatic transformation we achieved.

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