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Foundation Repair Specialists

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Building Restoration Services

Condition Assesments

  • Identify Problems
  • Repair Methodology
  • Quantify and Classify

Concrete Corrosion

  • Why the concrete failed?
  • How to Repair it.
  • Use Professional Procedures.

Crack Repairs

  • Identify and Classify Cracks.
  • Priorize Structural Issues.
  • Plaster vs Cracks vs Joints.

Architectural vs Structural

  • Protect the essence of your building’s beauty.
  • Not all cracks should be treated the same.
  • Spackle all cracks? Please No!

Reliable Contractor

  • Track Record
  • Legal Suits
  • Daco Registered? DACO Claims?

Clear and Consistent Scope Work

  • Our porposals are prapared by profeesionals with clear expectations.
  • Be sure to have a consistent scope of work between your bidders.
  • Nexo will provide a clear and easy to usderstand pricing outline that you can use to compare others.


Puerto Rico and the Caribbean is very hard on buildings. Most multi story building are less than a mile away from the shore. The exposition to the saline air and sea breeze creates a huge challenge. Corrosion can happen anywhere in the building. Our specialty is structure restoration.

Properly done Building Restorations is a challenging task for the whole team. The owner, investor, manager, design professional, inspector and repair contractor must work as a team to the benefit of the facility. Oftentimes defining the scope and extent of restoration is one of the biggest challenges. How many repairs? What types of repairs? Hidden damages? This is only part of the equation.

Our Foundation Engineer will  evaluate your concern at no cost!

Why Nexo Técnico?

We strive to be the preferred option for designers, owner, and facilities managers for construction and rehabilitation services due to our dedication and technical savvines.

12+ Years of service

Customer Centered

Doing it the Right Way

EnGineering Supervision

Guaranteed Work

Track Record

Facilities and customers we have served

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Why restore now?

Structural issues, cracks and corrosion only get worse with time. Reduce risks, avoid liabilities and have a facility to be proud of.

We will help you extend the life of your building.


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