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Structural Reinforcement Contractor

Structural Restoration

Extend The Life of Your Facility.

Get Your Money's Worth

Major Challenges When Contracting Restoration Work...

  • Experienced Team
  • Define the Scope and Priorities
  • Reasonable Price

Nexo Técnico, Corp.
Engineers and Contractors Serving Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
for over 10 years.

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Condition Assessment

Understand the Needs.
Get to Know the Structure.
Focus on the Priorities.
Develop a Budget Without Spending a Fortune.

Concrete Restoration

Professional Procedures with Professional Products to do the Job Right.
Professional Structural Repair
and Corrosion Control.

Cracks in Terrazo Floor

Crack Repairs

First, know what causes the cracks.

Settlements? Structural Deficiency? Foundation Problems? Construction Defect?

Then, create an adequate repair or restoration program.
A proper engineering evaluation will get your structure the right solution.

Structures in distress can cause considerable safety issues and can threaten the life of the facilities users. Remember a structure should have a lot more resistance than carrying its own weight. It should be able to protect the lives of its users even during hurricanes, earthquakes and extreme loading conditions.

Avoid the mistake of leaving your facilities repairs and restoration for later. Costs will only increase, the condition of the structure  will only worsen. Also the liability of causing an accident which can impact you, your family is an extremely undesirable experience.

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Some Facilities and Customers We Have Served

At Nexo Tecnico, Corp. We are Engineers and Contractors providing services to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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